The Best Apps for Landscape Photographers

In this guide I want to share the best apps for landscape photographers. Capturing great landscape photographs often requires a great deal of planning. It's rare that you just happen to be in the right place at the right time (although it's awesome when that happens!) Luckily, today there are a plethora of tools available which we can utilise to ensure we are exactly where we need to be, to take that perfect shot. In this post I…


The Ultimate Car Camping Checklist

This extensive car camping checklist is designed to help you to prepare for your next outdoor trip. The way we travel this Summer might have to change, as we try to incorporate social distancing measures. Jumping on a plane to a far-off destination won't be as straight forward as it once was. For this summer at least, domestic travel might be a more feasible option. One budget friendly way to travel locally is through car camping. The beauty…


What to Pack for India

A guide for tackling the common dilemma of what to pack for India. For three months during Winter 2019/2020, I led an overland tour of India. On the tour I visited many regions of this huge country. Some passengers joined me for the whole trip, whilst others enjoyed just one or two sections. However, there was a constant theme amongst my female passengers. One question they all wished they had answers to before they joined the tour: "what…


Annapurna Circuit Packing List

In this post I have compiled an Annapurna Circuit packing list for anyone considering taking on this incredibly beautiful and challenging trek. Hiking the Annapurna Circuit Hiking the Annapurna Circuit will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life! The beautiful scenery, the friendly people and the feeling of satisfaction once you've pushed yourself to limit and come out the other end. However, the equipment you have with you could be the difference in making your…


6 essentials for a long haul flight

In this post, guest writer Katherine Joseph provides 6 essentials for a long haul flight. Travelling is exciting and fun, but the long flights you have to take to your destination can be an uncomfortable affair. There is only one way to enjoy a long-haul flight, and that is to book a first-class or business class seat. However, that is a luxury that not everyone can afford. Travel Essentials for Long Haul Flights Though it is hard to…


Hiking photography gear: 14 essential items for a photography hike

In this post I outline the equipment I use for a photography hike. Good hiking photography gear needs to combine high performance with low weight. In this post I provide information on all the equipment needed for a successful photography hike.  For me photography and the outdoors go hand in hand. When I head out for a hike, I always take my trusty camera backpack. It's jam packed with everything I need to enjoy a good hike and…


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