Ever since I can remember I wanted get out of my home town and see what else the world had to offer. I never quite bought into the societal norm of getting an education, then a career, then finding a husband and starting a family. However, I started out along that path and by the time I was 21 I had my University degree, found a job and had a house to live in!

Things didn’t stay that way for too long though and in 2006 I found myself packing my bags and heading off on my first big adventure. I did what everyone else was doing at the time and booked a multi stop plane ticket which took me to Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia. (All for £550!!!!)

When I returned home after 6 months I knew it was the start of something more and spent the next two years working and saving money. With money in my pockets I moved to Canada and became a snowboard instructor. I spent 3 years in Canada using my working holiday visa before moving to California. I spent the following 2 years living and working at Lake Tahoe, doing road trips to other parts of the States when I could.

Then in 2013 came an even bigger change. I got my bus driving license and became a tour leader/driver for an overland adventure company. In this role I have run tours in Mongolia, South East Asia, East and North Africa. I have driven from Alaska to Ushuaia and from Istanbul to Beijing and back twice. During this time I’ve also squeezed in 2 winter seasons in Japan and 2 in Italy. With all this wandering I’ve visited 70 countries and have no intentions of stopping yet!

What Next?

This Summer I’m having a break from touring the world and instead will be mostly wandering around the UK and Ireland. Now, having the time to run this website, I want to share some stories about the experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met, useful information about the places I’ve visited and hikes I’ve enjoyed. I hope you enjoy!


Hiking in Patagonia

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