India Survival Guide: 28 tips for travelling India

This is my India Survival Guide - everything you need to know to stay safe and healthy during a trip to India. Travelling around this vast sub-continent can be an intimidating prospect. However, with a little preparation and some cultural understanding, there is little to fear in a visit to this colourful country. After spending 3 months in India this winter I have put together this India Survival Kit. Incredible India is a intriguing country to visit. It…


What to Pack for India

A comprehensive guide for tackling the common dilemma of what to pack for India. For 3 months during the Winter of 2019/2020 I lead an overland tour of India. On the tour I visited many regions of this huge country. Some passengers joined me for the whole trip, whilst others enjoyed just one or two sections. However, there was a constant theme amongst my female passengers. One question they all wished they had answers to before they joined…


1 Day In Udaipur Itinerary

If you're planning a trip to India then Udaipur needs to be included. In this post I describe the best 1 day Udaipur itinerary. The beautiful Lake City in Udaipur is an absolute gem in Rajasthan and probably my favourite Indian city (apart from Kolkata!). In January 2020 I visited Udaipur whilst leading an overland trip. As usual, even though we had two full days here, most of my first day was spent working. On my second day…


How to visit the Wagah Border Ceremony

A post outlining how to visit the Wagah Border Ceremony, including a brief history, timings and costs involved. In the Autumn of 2019 I travelled to two incredible countries. Two neighbouring countries in Asia with very different ways of life. One a predominately Muslim country and one predominantly Hindu. Everyday at the border between these two countries there is a bizarre but passionate ceremony to mark the closing of the border. In this guide I describe all you…


Ranthambore Tiger Safari

My amazing experience of doing a Ranthambore tiger safari in India, along with all the practical information you need to organise one for yourself. The dream - Tigers in India When I knew I would be visiting India in late 2019 my first thought was "Oo I hope I see tigers". Having been lucky enough to do some game drives in South America and Africa, I have seen some of the worlds beautiful big cats such as lions,…


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