10 off the beaten path destinations

I feel like the term, off the beaten path gets thrown around quite a lot these days. With travel and information about where to travel being so easy these days, visiting truly off the beaten path destinations is getting harder and harder to do. For me getting off the beaten path often means going to the middle of nowhere. Or going to a place where few others dare to venture, along a route that is not easy to…


A Beginners Guide to Turkish Cuisine

Food Turkish food is always so fresh and delicious that as soon as I get close to arriving in Turkey I get excited butterflies in my stomach. Whether it is something simple like kebab or slow cooked güveç there is always lots of flavour to enjoy. The dishes vary between regions utilising ingredients unique to the area so, like any country, I always try to pick dishes specific to that region. The list of dishes below is obviously…


Top 10 Turkey Destinations

Visitor numbers to Turkey have dropped a lot of the last few years and I think it is such a shame. As a tourist destination, Turkey has a lot to offer with a rich and diverse history, incredible scenery and amazing food. I first travelled through Turkey in 2015 as part of a Silk Road tour and I loved it so much I’ve been back at least once every year since. With a sliding Lira, Turkey is also…


Great day trips from Kaş

Kaş is a town situated on the beautiful Turquoise coast of Turkey. Once you have explored everything this town has to offer there are some amazing day trips from Kaş that are worth investigating. In this post I'll talk about four of my favourite ones. Exploring outside of Kaş To learn more about Kaş and the rest of Turkey read this post on my Top 10 Turkey Destinations. A day in Demre A trip to Gombe A day…


22 Reasons to visit Kyrgyzstan

I first went to Kyrgyzstan in October 2015 and absolutely loved it. I raved about it so much to my friends and family that some of them even booked trips there! In 2018 I got to go back, not once but twice and I fell in love with it even more. So, I thought it was only right that I should share some of my ramblings about why you too, should visit Kyrgyzstan.  Since I emote visually this…


10 Reasons to visit China

If you're looking for some inspiration to visit China then here are 10 photographs that might encourage you to book that ticket.Know before you go Visitors from most countries will need a visa before they can visit China and they can take several weeks to get sorted so make sure you allow plenty of time for this.Outside of the big cities English isn't commonly spoken so it's worth learning a few basic phrases before you go. The Lonely Planet…


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