Ethiopia Travel Tips: Know before you go

In this post I outline 15 top Ethiopia travel tips. This useful guide will help you whilst planning a trip to Ethiopia.  The only African country never to be colonised. The cradle of humanity from which all humans began their journey on earth. The final resting place of the Arc of the Covenant and most importantly, the creator of coffee. Ethiopia has many fascinating historical claims and is unlike any other African country you will visit. However, many…


Injera – love it or hate it?

To me injera looks like a flannel, has the texture of stomach lining and tastes like a cold, acidic pancake! But don't let me put you off, this Ethiopian staple is packed full of goodness and is a must try for anyone visiting Ethiopia. In 2019 I toured the fascinating country of Ethiopia. This is a country rich in history and seeping in culture. I can strongly recommend putting Ethiopia on your Africa bucket list. If you love…


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