How to visit Monument Valley: Which Tour to Pick

I was talking to a friend recently who was planning a road trip around the American South West. She mentioned that she had seen a sunrise photo of mine at Monument Valley and was excited for her visit. I explained that to see the view from that photograph it was necessary to do a tour in the valley. This got me to thinking - maybe other people would like to know the best way to visit Monument Valley?…


A photo journey of America’s National Parks

I recently read an article by a guy who had plotted the most optimal route for a road trip to visit all of the USA's lower 48 National Parks. I thought it was an intriguing proposition. I've done a quite a few road trips around the US trying to visit them all, but I've only managed to see half. The route creator claims you could do this road trip in 2 months if you put your foot down,…


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