So what is Overlanding anyway?

My Journey from snowboard instructor to truck driver In 2013 I started a big new adventure in my life when I became a tour leader/driver for an overland adventure company called Dragoman. It was my biggest challenge to date. I remember completing my application whilst I was living in Tahoe, California. A friend told me I could become a tour leader for an overland company and I remember thinking, what is overlanding?! It was the end of a…


A guide to hiking Pen Y Fan – 3 routes up Southern Britain’s highest peak

Let me start by explaining how to pronounce it! If you’re not from Wales you’d be mistaken into thinking that it is pronounced pennyfan. But that’s one sure way to get a chuckle from the locals. Actually, you won’t go far wrong if you try pen-er-van. Right, now that’s sorted let’s talk about the hikes. At 886m Pen y Fan literally means the top peak and there are several routes that can take you to the top. It is…


Why should you visit Sudan?

Sudan is going through a big transitional period at the moment and you might be wondering if it's ok to visit Sudan. President Omar al-Bashir was ousted from power on 11 April after 30 years in charge. Currently the military are in power with a promise to hand the country back to civilian rule after 2 years. However, the people aren't happy with this and are still protesting outside the military headquarters in Khartoum. So why should you…


Do you want a career working in the Mountains?

Here's how I got a career working in the mountains In January 2009 I quit my regular job and headed off to the Canadian Rockies with dreams of endless snowboarding weighing heavy on my mind. What was meant to be just a 3 month break turned into an incredible 5 years, living and working in North America. Here is a short article I produced for Non-Stop a few years back about my time in the mountains. If you…


Travel Photography

My Travel Photography For photographs from my travels over the last 5 years head on over to my photography website. If you see something you like, the guys at SmugMug make the highest quality prints, wall art and keepsakes for you to purchase. My article on photographing nature and landscapes has now been published on Dreamstime. You can check it out here! This is a photography of Huanglong Scenic area which is featured in the article I wrote…


10 Reasons to visit China

Love it or hate it, China is an incredible country. China is a vast place to visit with many amazing sights to see. From man made feats of engineering like the Great Wall to natural wonders such as the geothermal springs at Huanglong, there are certainly plenty of options for any traveler. If you're looking for some inspiration to visit China then here are 10 photographs that might encourage you to book that ticket.Know before you go Visitors from…


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