Injera – love it or hate it?

To me injera looks like a flannel, has the texture of stomach lining and tastes like a cold, acidic pancake! But don’t let me put you off, this Ethiopian staple is packed full of goodness and is a must try for anyone visiting Ethiopia.

What is it?

Injera is a common food eaten in Ethiopia. It is typically made from teff seeds which are ground into flour then left to ferment with water and yeast for 2-3 days. It is then cooked on a hot plate much like you’d cook a giant pancake and served cold alongside meat, fish, stews or more injera. To eat it simply break a piece off and scoop up the sauce, but don’t forget, use your right hand only!

Why is it healthy?

Teff is gluten free, low in calories and packed full of iron, protein and dietary fibre. It’s also really filling so you never finish a meal still feeling hungry. More injera anyone?

Want more information? Here’s an in depth article that was recently shared with me. I’ll be posting more articles on Ethiopia soon but until then check out some photos of Northern Ethiopia here!

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